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Buy A Brick Memorial

Buy A Brick Memorial

Your Association is in discussion with the City of West Torrens to develop a memorial Garden adjacent to our state headquarters at Keswick. As most of you are aware we have already sited a Ferret Scout Car ( donated by Robert & Marie) in the area, and now plans are moving on to make the whole lawned area a place of remembrance for all of our members and other National Ser- vicemen and their families to use.

We propose the following :

A plaque depicting our service to Australia and suitably dedicated. Seating & tables together with a built in barbeque. Several raised garden beds allowing families of deceased members to plant a memorial rose or other plant. Engraved pavers depicting all members service on a memorial pathway. Council staff have been very supporting of the initiative, and following our submissions the plan will be submitted to the elected members after the council elections in November for approval. June 2015 will be the 50th anniversary of the 2 year National Service scheme commencing, and with this in mind we are hopeful of having the project completed with the many volunteers who have indicated their willingness to assist. Grants for this type of project are available, and we are currently working on several avenues to part finance the plan. The first 2015 ‘ Nasho News’ will contain an order form for your personal engraved paver, and we urge all members and families to be involved in the purchase of one. Please support you Association in the project so that we leave our mark in Australian Military History.

For any further info. or suggestions that may assist us contact Barry Presgrave. State Vice President & coordinator of this project.