National Servicemen's Association
- SA Branch Headquarters

41 Surrey Road, Keswick, 5035
Correspondence to - PO Box 826, Marleston 5033
Telephone: 08 8293 6344 - Fax: 08 8351 3227

Our History

The Association was formally developed on July 25th 1993 and the Headquarters were established at Keswick. Throughout the next ten years, 10 Sub-branches have been formed throughout the State so all members can now attend a sub-branch in the near proximity of their home.

Our Objectives

Objective: 1

To promote the interests and welfare of National Servicemen, their families and dependants and to provide an avenue for social interaction between them.


Objective: 4

To promote the history and tradition of the Australian Defence Forces and in particular National Servicemen.


Objective: 7

To establish a fund for the general conduct and management of the Association.

Objective: 2

To promote comradeship within and between persons who have served in the Australian Defence Forces and Allied Forces.


Objective: 5

To obtain recognition of all National Servicemen by an award in the Australian Honours system.


Objective: 8

To promote the concept of National Service and Community Service by the youth of Australia.

Objective: 3

To support and participate in celebrations honouring past and present members of the Australian Defence Forces and in particular the remembrance on Anzac Day.


Objective: 6

To observe a day in each year to be called National Serviceman’s Day in recognition of the contribution to Australia by National Servicemen.


Objective: 9

To assist and affiliate with other organisations having like objects or membership as the Association upon such terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed on.